Digital Signage Networks include the delivery of visual content through an integrated network of coordinated displays, which are centrally managed and controlled through business intelligence.

Digital Signage Diagram.pngUSRobotics' Digital Signage increases intelligence as it leverages:

  • Web campaigns and analytics to iteratively add intelligence to the system by modeling visitor behavior
  • Visitor metrics to evolve to an increasingly improved customer experience through targeted and relevant communications
  • Knowledge discovery for internal process and productivity improvement
  • Existing Applications such as Social Media tools and analytics to capture content and sentiment
  • Multiple signs in the network can work together to support moving visitors from sign to sign
  • Large scale video walls to produce stimulating and informative visitor displays that are dynamic, informative, and interactive

These networked displays may be implemented indoors, outside or even in moving vehicles.

USRobotics' major partners in this digital signage are:

  • HP
  • Cisco
  • Polycom