Integration Services and Asset Management provides a precise mix of engineering, integration, and logistical support for complex turnkey systems. Our certified engineers knowledge of IT requirements, proven experience in industry leading integration platforms, coupled with strong integration and asset management experience, help mitigate project risks when integrating new technologies in our customers' environment.

Our logistic services is not just about product delivery but it’s also about peace-of-mind at every stage of a project. Our project managers over see logistics and support fulfillment to streamline deployment, manage costs, and consolidate resources. We also provide asset tracking and inventory management through radio frequency identification (RFID) so that assets can be tracked from the time of purchase to end-of-life. Our asset management services help to reduce the costs and resources devoted to inventory management and reconciliation, and assist in preventing duplicate expenditures on existing technology. Our end-of-life services meet the strictest regulations for degaussing and disposing of obsolete equipment to comply with security and environmental concerns.

The UNICOM Integration Facility features:

  • Location in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified facility
  • 100,000 square-foot center
  • Operations 24-hours a day
  • More than 1,340 build stations
  • Capacity for 2,500 builds per day

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Logistics Services - Laptop Assembly.jpg